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Steam Early Access

As we near the merry month of May, the team are busy readying the full release of “Radial-G : Racing Revolved” to transition out of Steam Early Access. We will be announcing the actual date this will happen very soon but we are looking forward to having a full, commercially complete product out there in the marketplace. It’s been an interesting year with Kickstarter, Steam Greenlight and Steam Early Access all playing their part within the development lifecycle for our initial release version.

After this release we will continue to support the game and begin looking at the non-VR console versions of the game and towards 2016 when multiple VR headset hardware will also be commercially available to buy on the high street, including Oculus Rift, Sony Morpheus, HTC Vive and Razer OSVR.

Hardware Support

We are talking to hardware developers all the time, looking to bring additional support for controllers, peripherals and other VR-centric input devices to our debut title Radial-G : Racing Revolved. If you are interested in having your device added to the growing list of support, get in touch info@tammeka.com